Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday! 4/2008 pix

Greetings my friend..I hope this finds you well and happy. all is good here. I found another archival video that was never uploaded to xtube, so I did some production work and added it to my burnworthy account there Check it out by clicking here:

It's featuring the blue speedo that I auctioned last week. I'm working on some new auctions for this week to join the white briefs auction here:

These pix are all self timer shots from April 2008..I found some more fun pix I haven't shared..will be bringing them to you this week. Enjoy and have fun buddy!



  1. A beautiful man with a nice looking pole;
    Yup, and he sure do have a pretty hole.

    What a nice pic to wake to in the morning;
    As men... that's just one time we are "horning".