Thursday, October 20, 2011

it's almost time..

Hi Buddy! I've just about wrapped up the packaging for my latest HD DVD collection..hopefully ready to share with you tomorrow. And today's pix (below this text) are from a new free cumshot video that will also be cumming your way tomorrow..I think you'll be impressed with my production ;) at least I was <3 here are my other recent links:
a bikini brief auction here:
and a dress socks auction here:
My newest video is  "hole tickling-cum blasting" check it out by clicking here:
our pals at Butthole Buddies featured me can see it by clicking here:  
latest free xtube video "before the bus"
or at my studio at clips4sale:
also my BEARDSCAPES 2012 just went on sale collecting 12 of my paintings of bearded hairy men.. and is viewable here:
there's a preview link just below the pic.

Use coupon code OCTGROUND305 at checkout, select Ground Shipping and receive the shipping free.through Oct.20
latest Ask the Expert video on Happy Town:
and the previous xtube video preview:
all my best with love, William

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