Saturday, June 9, 2012

upcoming video pix

thanks for the kind words and thoughts about Mickey. He passed peacefully at home and we are adjusting to his absence.
These pix are test shots for a video I made last week..I haven't had the opportunity to screen it yet but wi post it soon if it wins my ok.
Hope you are doing current links are below the pix.

newest art post:
we're celebrating "art studio visit", my new video from a week ago:
current jockstrap auction here (last day):
my 2nd newest video is here:
and please check out my new dvd here:
Love from your pal William

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  1. You make me mad. Your cock is so perfect so beautiful , i want so so sucking you long time. I love your face love your body and your rock. I am big fan of you. Love kikoux and again sorry for Mickey