Friday, February 7, 2014

new video pix 2

happy weekend! my new video is live on xtube's a paid clip this time with a preview here:
with a different preview at  clips4sale, where you can download a hd wmv file of it here:robe cum wmv  
For my screenshots starting yesterday we're going backwards from the end for the next few days..
more below the pix..

my newest free video is at or buy an hd wmv download here cock slip wmv
previous video seen free here: or available for hd wmv download here:bulge reveal wmv
My 3rd latest video is "Holiday Visit", my new video celebrating my 6th anniversary as Hairyartist..starting year 7 with something new (and free):
my latest jo video is "flying cumsplashes"'s a paid clip this time with plenty of payoff..preview on xtube here:
and for preview and download at clips4sale:flying cumsplashes wmv
my latest art post: glutimus maximus
and also now available is  DVD Volume 5 and my box set of volumes 1-4  !
my first solo video as William Fletcher for HOTOLDERMALE.
my storefront of video downloads and previews at clips4sale:
.Love, William

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