Sunday, December 7, 2014


happy beginning to your week! Hope you enjoy these self timer pix from 2010.
In my latest video I used my own cock as a model for the painting I'm working on..check it out here:
my 2nd newest video featuring some of my latest paintings  (as I plan my new gallery web site) is free on xtube here: (no cumshot)
 my latest jo extravaganza is here:
and a different preview here: semen sprays WMV 
also: my new tumblr is here:
more links below, with love

my 2nd next to newest video is here:
 I got mail requesting that I show a few tips on how a guy should please a hairy hole, and I was excited to try. Enough so that I shot all over my own face at the end of the nearly 7 minute video. 
Part of the celebration this year is my latest DVD, Volume 6,  in higher quality than ever before..featuring nearly every video I've made through June 2014.
check it out here:
Hairyartist HD Volume 6 DVD
 I have a new painting up this week. (this week in May that is..I promise to catch you up on my art sooner rather than later)
and also available is  DVD Volume 5 and my box set of volumes 1-4  !
my first solo video as William Fletcher for HOTOLDERMALE.
my storefront of video downloads and previews at clips4sale:
.Love, William

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