Sunday, March 8, 2015

new art

Hi Buddy,
I hope you are having a fun weekend. I'm getting down to the final issues with my new art gallery site and want to share some new art with you. This past week I made 3 paintings each in a day with no underdrawing. I just started painting with silk dye; the skin is all one color at different strengths ("corn"), and many layers in the darker areas. The leather, hair and glasses are all sumi ink. I'm excited about making new art less laboriously and plan to share these paintings at affordable prices. For the moment, feel free to inquire. my current video links are below the pix.
 my latest video, free on xtube here: it's also available for download here:morning service
in other news blogger announced this week that they are backing down on their earlier position change so I don't have to leave blogspot after all. I'll continue tinkering with transitioning this blog to wordpress and will keep you posted. . And now for our regularly scheduled links:
my 2nd newest video is here:  It is up at clips4sale here:cock poppin visit 
my latest jo video "prostate probe".see the preview here: or a different preview here: prostate probe
"bedtime cock" is here: 
 I used my own cock as a model for a painting in this video:
  jo extravaganza is here:
also: my tumblr is here:

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