Tuesday, March 8, 2016

casual clothing removal

hi buddy! ///i hope that you enjoy these self timer pix from 5 years ago (2 25 2011).click for larger.
my latest "boxers jo"  download here: boxers jo wmv
I also made you a new video pleasing cock at my glory hole: the  preview is here: or here: cock worshipping wmv  
also newhttp://www.xtube.com/video-watch/vocal-butt-exam-27751341 or hd download here:vocal butt exam  I also expanded on my last video "pissing myself down" for a 7+ minute paid video. see the preview here or here:piss play. more links below! love, William 

also more paintings are going up regularly at hairyartist.tumblr.comand my paintings without nudity at http://wmcburnworth.tumblr.com/ 
also check out my other videos on my xtube profile here: www.xtube.com/user_videos.php?u=hairyartist
 Love, William

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