Sunday, August 7, 2016

flexing my main vein

hi buddy! I hope that you enjoy today's gif. I have a new video that I hope will be live for you tomorrow. check out my current links below. big love from William.
 I have a new paid video to share with you to go along with my new free jo video. I hope that you enjoy it and these new gifs from the clip. the preview is here and for hd download here:shower fun
I have a new late night intimate jo video to share with you (free): the pix aren't uploading here so I'm sharing the link to a photo gallery of pix from the video as well as my hairyartist gif collection here:
I'm sharing 2 pix a day at and a new painting a day at

my 2nd newest  video free here: or for hd download here:Uncle Willy shares

also all of my 8+ years of videos are accessible   here:  with big love from William

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