Sunday, September 25, 2016

seed shooting forever

happy start to your week buddy! While going through my archives I found a video that needed to be remastered. I re-uploaded it after I did and here are some screenshots and a gif for you with love.
 I made you a new video this week:  .see it free on xtube here or it's available for hd download here:Coach's cocksock
 my second newest video is live and free on xtube now at this link:
"Coach's promise" it's available for download with preview here:Coach's promise click the pix to enlarge.
 I was inspired after not getting off for a week during my trip to Indiana to make a new jo video for you. see it here: or here: a hairy soakdown and to see all of my xtube videos and activities go here: also for my pix and artwork. Love,William

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