Wednesday, September 28, 2016

suit exposure

hi buddy! I hope you enjoy this gif and pic from my video "suit yourself" I went through my archives this weekend I found that another early jo video was in need of an hd makeover and came out much better than it did in 2009. The new version just arrived on xtube here: click the pix to enlarge.
I made you a new video last week:  .see it free on xtube here or it's available for hd download here:Coach's cocksock
 my second newest video is live and free on xtube now at this link:
"Coach's promise" it's available for download with preview here:Coach's promise click the pix to enlarge.
 I was inspired after not getting off for a week during my trip to Indiana to make a new jo video for you. see it here: or here: a hairy soakdown and to see all of my xtube videos and activities go here: also for my pix and artwork. Love,William

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