Thursday, March 16, 2017

flexible Hairyartist

happy weekend almost buddy! here are some new screenshots from an early webcam jo video that I just converted for you. It'll be up on xtube soon; for now it's available for download here:legs over head jo  live! I hope that you enjoy these pix, half from 3/9/2017 and half from 11/2016 (click to enlarge).  I have a new free video for you today. Check out "loose boxers love" I have another new video to share with request from a footfan: "flipflop footfuck"also available for hd download here:flipflop footfuck  I have a new video of short mirror scenes. I remastered and connected them and here they are:  my newest filmed  new video is free on xtube here: "outdoor sharing" I hope that you enjoy these screengrabs from my latest video (click to enlarge).  the hd download is here:outdoor sharing
 my latest jo video is on xtube here and the hd download is here:ass sharing jackoff (click to enlarge).  my last video is live and free on xtube now: "unky's robe opens" lives here The hd download is here:uncle's robe opens  just arrived on xtube:  I just did a hd remaster for "Coach:bound and toyfucked" (I didn't learn about hd mastering in my first years)..and here is the link for the download:hairyartist:bound and toyfucked I hope you enjoy the pix (click to enlarge)! Remember my art is at and more of me at
  My newest is "hairy ass offering".  All my videos are listed here on xtube or for download here My art is here and my tumblr is here. love,William

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