Saturday, September 16, 2017

jeans lowered

hi man! I'm still waiting for my power to return after Hurricane Irma but had prepared some posts in advance I'm sharing with you from a coffee shop.  hope you enjoy these 2008 self timer pix (click to enlarge). new $ video is here: also: new and free video: I have a new free video to share with you. Hope you enjoy the screenshots (click to enlarge). check out the video here: "yard work break" or hd download here:yard work break
 my new jo with daddy is on xtube here 
 New! Free!  "legs over head jo" or download here:legs over head also recent:  I have another new free video for you. Check out "loose boxers love" I have another new video to share with request from a footfan: "flipflop footfuck"also available for hd download here:flipflop footfuck Remember my art is at and more of me at

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