Friday, January 10, 2020

new xtube video: "cockcentric hypnosis/meditation 3: drop/grind"

Happy Friday Buddy! I hope you enjoy these pix from my latest in the cock hypnosis series. It's on my fan sites or here on xtube:
 I'm adding videos daily and making new ones for my new fan sites. 116 videos so far! and
See "friendly cock appreciation" here.
 see "the secret word" here
See "Daddy Will cums for  you big" here  see "cockcentric meditation 2:cock drop" here or download here:cockcentric meditation 2: cock drop
See "cockcentric meditation" here.
See "papa's butt exercises" here
or download here:papa's butt exercises
See "milk that big fuckin dick from the inside" here or download here:milk that big fuckin dick from the inside
  Remember my art is at and more of me at
    All my videos are listed here on xtube or for download here  on xtube or for download here  
Love, William

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