Saturday, December 10, 2011

the day I brought in the wrong cat.

hi buddy!
hope this finds you well.
Our move to Fort Lauderdale is successful although there's a lot to be done.
The first 2 pix are from Tuesday after I brought the wrong cat in. My partner had managed to catch the big orange outdoor cat we named Buster and had neutered and fed for the past 7-8 months..and had let him out in our new neighborhood when he'd cried to go out. I'd been looking out for him while dealing with our numerous moving boxes and saw the familiar orange cat walking up our sidewalk, but obviously spooked. I couldn'd get him to come to me or the lunch I brought out for him. I eventually charmed him into coming close enough I could grab him by the scruff of the neck and bring him inside. He didn't like the idea and clawed me thoroughly and cried incessantly. When Michael came in from school he noticed that it wasn't our cat.
What are the chances of 2 orange cats with the same markings, size etc., from 2 different places show up..oh well. 
Buster showed up later that night, spooked from his experiences in our new neighborhood. He's not shown any great inclinations to going out since then.
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