Friday, May 24, 2013

new video and DVD Volume 5!

Happy Friday buddy! We're celebrating a new video and my completing the work on DVD Volume 5! The video is a paid clip this's the scenario:
        Inspired by some boxer briefs I found in my locker with the ass ripped out strategically (it was the baths after all), I test the access with a fat vinyl cock and ride it to an orgasm that never seemed to end..      
     Hopefully it will go live soon on xtube, for now you can see preview and purchase a hd .wmv download here:sleazy shorts jo .wmv. 
My other current video and other pix are below the pix..happy weekend!

We're having another book club entry this week..
my latest video is "washing furry butt"
 also up on clips4sale as a high quality wmv download washing furry butt wmv
"sweaty shoes" free on xtube: or is also available in higher quality  wmv download at clips4sale here:sweaty shoes wmv 
my first solo video as William Fletcher for HOTOLDERMALE.
also this week we've had fun with a great book.
my new video is live: free on xtube here: or for download here:robe talk wmv 
 my latest jo video "flying semen" is live. It's pp24v this can see the preview here: or at clips4sale here: big splashes wmv
you can see my 2nd latest video on xtube here:
or download a hd .wmv version at clips5sale here:popped button wmv 
latest painting post:

and my 3rd latest video "butt stretch"
"sunbathing" free to view here:
 my storefront of video downloads and previews at clips4sale:
also "Visiting Robe Daddy" 
and finally my
Volume 4 dvd and dvd set. enjoy..Love, William

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