Thursday, June 2, 2016

here I am

happy weekend almost! These are the last of Wayne's pix from 1 6 2012. click to enlarge. I think there may be a few in the middle I haven't gotten to...?

I have a new fetish video inspired by a request..check out the preview here: or  on clips4sale here:relaxing feet

I'm posting paintings daily at celebrating the 21 paintings I've made into man cards so far.
 My new handmade cards of my paintings are atBeard Street for my male erotic paintings and at William's Art Cards for my all ages paintings.
These pix are from "late night jo" , click to enlarge. my newest jo video "cumming with you"  My new free clip is "teacher says focus!" for free. with love, here is "Coach's hip stretch" my previous newest jo video is here  Also  available for hd download here:all yours or for download here:relaxing in my robe
I'm proud to announce a new tumblr of my photography of our cats and 'nature preserve' here:  and there's more~  my other new video "trussed up". check it out here: also! my latest video is "prankin construction guy" .  check out the video hereMy latest free jo video is here (boxers jo) and more links below the, William
 my paintings without nudity are at 
also check out my other videos on my xtube profile here:
 Love, William

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