Saturday, February 9, 2019

new video pix

happy weekend buddy! I remastered an early hairyartist jo video and here are the first pix (click to enlarge). Xtube is having another time glitch with it..I'll let you know when it is fixed. It's up for download here:big hairy cum parts 1 2 and 3 remastered
I have a new free video to share. Check out "let's visit Papi" here or download here:let's visit Daddy
also: The video is here:"warmup and jo" also:available for download here:a hungry ass leads us to cum again and again cumpilation
 See "anything for you" here or download it here:anything for you    I've just done a hd remaster on my 2008 video "giant cumshot parts 1 and 2"  that is linked here.  see "daddy shares with you" here or download here:daddy shares with you also:  see "priming the pump jo" on xtube here, or download it here:priming the pump jo
also: See "robe's open" on xtube here or download here:robe's open also: See "Papa knows best" here or download here:Daddy knows best (xtube doesn't allow the word Daddy ;). a   Remember my art is at and more of me at
    All my videos are listed here on xtube or for download here  on xtube or for download here
Love, William   

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