Sunday, May 19, 2019

more new video pix

Happy start to your week buddy! I hope that you enjoy these pix from my latest offering. see my new free video here: "Coach stretches" . 
available for download here:Coach stretches  I have a new paid video made from remastering 3 early videos and linking them, including my only cock pumping experience for filming (it broke soon after). See "cock pumping jo" here or download here:cock pumping jo
also: ! I have a new cumpilation today remastering 2 early videos, including my last pumping experience before it broke ;)  see "cock pumping jo" here or download here:cock pumping jo
also:  See "A Cock talk with Papi" here or download here:A Cock talk with Dad 

  Remember my art is at and more of me at
    All my videos are listed here on xtube or for download here  on xtube or for download here
Love, William  

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