Saturday, April 9, 2011

weekend update

Hi buddy, just checking in in hopes that you are poised for a wonderful weekend. I got the staples out of my head (a nice at-home job) and am finally getting back to the gym and lap swimming after nearly a month. I hope to be before the webcam again a little on streamate and imlive next week and to bring you a new Coach video in which he finds the upcoming second set of Hairyartist's MANCARDS in your locker.

For now I uploaded a free video to xtube featuring my hairy butt in a short clip from 2008..view by clicking here.

and a naughtybids auction is going on for a hairyartist jockstrap..view here .

I've been cultivating some underwear that is not suitable for naughtybids, as I have added much personal DNA. I'm thinking about trying an auction here for them.

Love and hugs from William

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