Sunday, April 17, 2011

weekend update

Hi Buddy! hope you're having a fun's what I've been up to:

the big news is that I released set 2 of my MANCARDS: 10 of my paintings printed with archival paper and inks in an acrylic case for $21 and a small shipping fee..see the post with explanatory video by clicking here. and don't miss the other 2 paintings I posted.

I made a sexy video featuring the new MANCARDS for xtube: "Coach finds your Mancards"..
see it on xtube by clicking here

I also made a paid jo clip.."hairy hole j.o." and you can see the preview by clicking here.

and I wrapped up the week with a long free video, "Coach's Private Training", that you can see here.

I'm designing the cover for Hairyartist HD Volume 2 which I hope to be presenting to you this coming week.

oh, and I forgot to mention that I started a Hairyartist fan page on facebook..all my updates will be posted there..please check it out.

Hope all is great with you my friend!

Love, William

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